Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable (1m) Black

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55,900 MMK

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  • Extended lifespan 30,000+ bends and 10,000 insertion/exertion tested for 3years+ heavy usage
  • Multi-layer Graphene structured insulation for extra strength and better EMI shielding
  • Teflon coating for better fiction absorption for extended durability
  • Amazingly soft to touch and easy to bring along for on-the-go use
  • Anti-kinking and flexible features, makes it much easier to use
  • Step-up cable designs that go well with your iPads, MacBooks, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Tablets and Laptop with USB-C connector
  • Cable colors that blend-in perfectly with your home comfy working lifestyle


  • Length – 1m
  • Available color – White / Black / Blue

Ultra-Flexible and Super-Durable

Our BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO Flex braided silicone cables combine ultra-flexibility with long-lasting durability. In fact, they are up to 30X more durable* than ordinary cables and are built to resist tangling and fraying. This USB-C to USB-C cable is USB-C PD compatible, supporting fast charging speeds of 0-50% in 26 mins**. Easily store and mount it anywhere with its magnetic cable management system. Comes in three lengths and four stylish colors†.